STM 700


Steam Mop + Hand-Held Steamer

The Clean It All, Steam Mop and HandHeld Steamer, has everything you need to Clean It All. The powerful 1500 watt heating system produces strong steam to clean and sanitize every surface of your home. Included in this home cleaning kit is a must-have triangular detachable steam mop head and 7 attachments to steam clean everywhere including, all kitchen surfaces, grills, windows, cooktops, bathrooms and more. The STM-700 is available in Teal.


Additional mop pads sold separately



clean it all final_icons rev
clean it all_dryer
clean it all 2_trio


clean it all_front
clean it all_handheld
clean it all_sink

Angled nozzle diverts compressed steam to narrow spaces

clean it all_carpet

Carpet glider to deodorize and steam clean

clean it all_shirt

Soft microfiber sleeve on squeegee will turn into a garment steamer

clean it all_vent

Scraping tool to take on stubborn stains

clean it all_stove

Flat brush is perfect for tile’s grout and floorboards

clean it all_grill

Thick, large brush to enhance scrubbing power

clean it all_window

Window squeegee cleans and leaves no residue

clean it all_floor

Steams and polishes your floors

clean it all_grill 2

Small, compact brush head for light cleaning

clean it all_fill water

Water filter cleanses impurities from hard/tap water for product longevity

clean it all_cord

Extra-long 20ft power cord for easier movement around the house

clean it all_back

Comes with a built-in water filter to prevent mineral build-up

clean it all_cup

Easy to fill and refill removable water tank

clean it all_surffaces

What’s in the Box?

Heavy-Duty Mop Pads

Carpet Glider

Main Attachment

Brush Attachments (2)

Nozzle Attachment

Spatula Attachment

Flat Brush Attachment


Microfiber Pad for Squeegee

Measuring Cup