TRUECLEAN Mop & Bucket System

Separate compartments for clean & dirty water ensures that clean water is used each time you clean your floors

Simple 2-step operation

  • Slow spins to soak and wet mop pad
  • Fast/continuous spins to clean and dry mop pad

Operational spin-indicators for ease of use

  • Slow spins will not activate indicators
  • Fast/continuous spins will show orange indicators


Never Mop with Dirty Water Again!

Clean water that will be used to wet/soak the mop pad is sitting in the inner basin. Every drop of water that comes in contact with the mop pad is clean and results in much cleaner floors.

The clean water from an isolated basin flows upwards to clean the mop pad. Dirty/used water will travel down to a separate basin.



TrueClean mop and bucket system separates clean and dirty water
red light indicators on spin mop head

Easy to Use

For ease of use, the mop head comes with built-in indicators.

Red indicators appear while spinning – you’re spinning fast enough to clean and dry the mop pad surface.

No indicators appear – you’re spinning slow enough to soak and wet the mop pad

Telescopic Stainless-Steel Pole

Disengage the latch spin and clean the
mop pad or adjust the pole length. Reengage the latch after cleaning the mop pad or finishing adjusting to the desired length.

Convenient Fill Port

Bucket is designed to have a top fill port for ease of access in case you need to refill clean water. Feel free to add any of your favorite floor cleaning solutions!

Mess-free Drainage

We made a dedicated used-water drain port
with the intention to minimize as many
spills/splashes as possible. There are more
drain outlets under the bucket handle.

square mop head used to clean corners

Large Mop Head

Square mop head design reaches into corners and cleans a large surface area with every mop swipe. The 9" x 9" premium-grade microfiber mop pads ensure that crevices and grout are cleaned thoroughly. It also picks up specks of dust and dirt.

Brush Away Dirt and Hair

Positioned next to the water outlets are thick nylon bristles that scrape clean all dirt and grime off the mop pad surface.

bottom view of brush cleaning spin mop head and removing hair
spin mop head being used to clean under couch

Versatile Handle

The long swivel pole helps reach hard to clean areas such as under furniture, tall windows and far corners.

spin mop being used and carried away by person

What’s in the Box?

Spin Mop
Two- chamber bucket
2 x Microfiber Scrubbing Mop Pads

TRUECLEAN Mop & Bucket System