Steam Mitt

True & Tidy’s SM-200 Steam Mitt is your perfect steaming partner! The firm foam body provides a solid surface to press away those wrinkles while steaming.  It’s perfect for use for both left and right hand, and compatible to use for all types of fabric!  One size fits most hands.  Heat resistant foam insulation, Cotton, Polyester construction. Available in bright sky blue.

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steam mitt being used with a garment steamer on a gray shirt
Breathable Mesh Back

The comfortable and durable flexible mesh back helps circulate heat away from your hand and provides a sturdy grip. One size fits most hands.

steam mitt being used with a garment steamer to release wrinkles on a whitel shirt

Heat Resistant Steam Surface

The metallic surface provides a non stick, heat resistant surface. One inch thick foam core adds rigidity to help you steam and press away wrinkles with your steamer while protecting your hand.

Steam and Press Away Wrinkles

The True & Tidy Steam Mitt adds more straightening power to your steam routine by providing a solid surface which allows you to apply pressure between your steamer nozzle and the steam mitt.

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