HS-26 Power Steam Press

Household Appliance

Stainless Steel Press Plate

Stainless steel plated steam nozzle prevents build up and provides a flat, hot pressing surface, perfect for touch ups

Automatic Shut-Off

Built-in safety feature turns off the boiler when not in use for over 10 minutes

Controlled Steam Release

Full control of the steam with trigger steam release and steam lock for continuous steam


 True & Tidy's newest 1200 watt heating system allows you to steam whatever you want, however you want - it works both horizontally and vertically. Powerful, continuous steam to refresh fabrics and release wrinkles.


Perfect for use around the house.  Steam reaches temperatures of over 220 degrees farenheit, so it naturally sanitizes and helps eliminate allergens and dust mites on drapes, tablecloths, couches, cushions, plush toys, even silk flowers! 

Steam is the gentlest and most effective way to release wrinkles.  Safe to use on most fabrics including silk, sports jerseys, beaded fabrics, linen, wool, rayon, leather, suede, lace and more. 


Athletic Wear

Silk & Rayon

Suede & Leather


Clear view water tank, easy to fill and refill.

Removable water tank is easy to refill and monitor your water levels for continuous steaming. A full 260 ml water tank provides up to 8 minutes of continuous steam. 

What’s in the Box?

Power Steam Press

Padded Lint Brush

Fabric Brush

Water Cup

User Manual