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How do I clean my Roll Up Drying Rack ?

You can clean your Roll Up Drying Rack with soap and water or place it in your dishwasher. The silicone coating is durable and can withstand soap, detergents and heat.

Is my Roll Up Drying Rack safe to use with fresh fruits and veggies ?

All True & Tidy products are BPA free and FDA approved. They are safe to use with all food products, including fruits, veggies.

What is the warranty on True & Tidy products?

All True & Tidy products include a 1 year limited warranty. Be sure to register your products here (link to registration)  and keep your proof of purchase.

How to prevent TS-10 Hand Held Steamer from spitting water

The TS-10 Hand Held Clothes Steamer is a powerful 600 watts in a small machine, which means that the boiler isn’t too far away from the steam nozzle.  When too much water is added to the water tank, the boiling water will start to “spit” out of the steam nozzle. To prevent this from happening, please be sure to only fill the water tank to the “MAX” line as indicated on the water tank of your Hand Held Steamer.